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Cornell University, Compliance Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Featured by articles in the New York Times, Teen Vogue, Goldman Sachs Publications, and Because of Them We Can, Lydia is a rising star at Goldman Sachs. As a former White House Intern with the Obama Administration and a co-founder of the Black Ivy Pre-Law Society, Lydia still managed to find failure in her -32% essay score (yes, negative) in college (along with 4 incomplete driving tests). 


"Like most college students who are used to receiving an A+ on everything in high school, receiving a -32% on my first paper freshman year really felt like a new low... and I didn't know how to motivate myself to push forward. Up until that point, I was frequently recognized for my writing skills so I felt like my favorite teddy bear had been snatched away. I seriously considered dropping out of Cornell for a hectic 30 minutes (before I realized that I was being dramatic and that my mom would kill me). That disastrous grade now represents the necessity of learning how to adapt and dust yourself off, regardless of the circumstances. I ended that class with an A- because I refused to give up, a lesson and life skill that I have had to review over and over again as a Cornell student and young adult. Perspective and perseverance can truly make the difference when you feel like you're at the end of the road."