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Abigail cutler

Cornell University, Strategy Analyst at Accenture

Now in New York working at Accenture, Abigail was a talented business student that landed a prestigious sophomore internship at Accenture and published two case studies. While at school, she was also known for excelling in her classes and leading her peers. Yet, what most people don't know, is that she was rejected from several firms within a week during her junior year, was yelled at by a professor for 20 minutes, and let an absolutely crazy semester hold her back.


"After two years at Cornell, I figured everything was settled – I knew how to do well (enough) in my classes, I had my friends and favorite professors all figured out, and I was pretty sure I couldn't be rattled despite the junior year chaos. I was wrong: from the minute the semester started, everything else (internship recruitment, serious friend stuff, and extracurricular involvements) piled on. Before I knew it, I was 9 weeks into a 14-week semester with grades far below what I expected of myself and too afraid to ask for help to resolve the situation. I failed during the entire semester to perform well as a student even though that's something that matters to me a lot, and I look back on those few months as a semester during which I would do a lot differently. Still, I learned a lot about how to handle tough conversations, and the confidence to recognize and manage situations that are starting to get away from me has carried me through a lot since then."